Ella (ella_in_spades) wrote in loonylove,

Fic: Just a Game

TITLE: Just A Game
RATING: PG-13 at most
CHARACTERS: Bellatrix, Luna
NOTE: There are many things I wrote years ago... I write a lot, you see, and as any person might know, a writer grows with each piece written. You learn something new about how to write, or how not to write. Looking back on most of the things I've written over the year, I often cringe. Not all of it was bad; naive perhaps. All the writing of a girl who was hardly a teen. The vocabulary was limited, tense was erratic. I used first person point of view far more often than was necessary. Most pieces I can hardly read and I wonder if I really wrote them. You may think I'm talking of pieces written years ago, ten perhaps. But no. The truth is, I speak of things no more than 5 years, many of them two or three. How can I have changed so much as a writer? How can I look back to two years ago and think: did I really write that? Was I so young? Now, you may wonder why I am telling you all of this. For a moment, I forgot my reasons. Here it is: This tale you are about to read is unlike the others. It was written two and a half years ago, amidst a great many things I now find that I very much hate. But this is the exception. This is the piece I look back on and think perhaps I was not so bad a writer as I believe.

( The only thing romantic about war was her love for it... )
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