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Fan art: Luna & birds, Luna/Harry

These are artworks for my help_haiti winning bidder, Ms. Sexypants herself, tailoredshirt. I asked her to give me any/all ideas she had in mind, and among them she asked for something with Luna and nature, and mentioned imagining her as Venus coming out of a shell.

The first one is my take on that, sort of. Luna isn't coming out of a shell, but there is water, and there are birds with a cloth to cover her like the angels (?) or whatever in the Venus picture. I was originally planning on adorable little cute birds, but then wanted to switch to crows b/c crows are both awesome and can be ominous. Kind of creepy, but important, and meaningful if you wish. But birds are something yet to master, so I didn't colour them in, instead they are birds which can be crows if you like (I like).

Title: Luna & birds
Characters: Luna, some birds
Rating: G

She didn't ask that I create more than one artwork for her, but I wanted to, also b/c she included Harry/Luna in the ideas and if there is one thing I feel comfortable drawing ANY TIME, it's fluffy shippy stuff.

Title: Harry and Luna
Characters: Luna, Harry
Rating: G

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